HZNN Club is a community of NFT holders within the Zenon Network ecosystem, united by a shared interest in the future of cryptocurrency. Each NFT project within the club serves as a membership, granting access to exclusive benefits and opportunities as the community grows. The club’s goal is to create value through its digital and physical art, connect people, and support the Zenon Network ecosystem.

The HZNN Club Currency

The HZNN Club currency, $HZNN, is a cryptocurrency created under the ZTS umbrella. It will be used to purchase NFTs and unlock future perks and services within the club. With a maximum supply of 19 million tokens, $HZNN will be airdropped to every NFT holder at a rate of 2500 $HZNN per NFT owned. Every holder of $HZNN token is a member of the club.

NFT Projects

Legacy Coin – This NFT project represents the transition from the Zenon Core wallet to the S Y R I U S wallet. It is comprised of a unique collection of 100 physical coins, numbered from 1 to 100, each corresponding to an NFT that will be minted on the Network of Momentum.

Alphanet Coin – The Alphanet Coin is a special edition created to mark the beginning of a new era in the cryptocurrency space with the launch of the Alphanet of Zenon Network. The design features the main Zenon logo, the core of the project – the s y r i u s wallet – connected to the blockchain through electrical circuits, and a golden color representing Bitcoin interoperability. Only 1000 physical pieces were created, each accompanied by a digital version.

Moon Tickets – The Moon Tickets NFT project consists of 321 NFTs designed to look like boarding passes for a trip to the moon. Of these, 40 are designated as First Class tickets and 281 are Economy Class. First Class ticket holders are eligible for a prize of 20 $ZNN, with a total prize pool of 800 $ZNN.

Pixel Coin – This project is inspired by other projects within the Zenon Network ecosystem, such as SaaS and CryptoHales. The Pixel Coin edition embodies the ZNN Legacy Coin in 8-bit art, with only 100 pieces created. Unlike the Legacy Coin collection, this edition is only available in digital form, waiting to be minted on the Network of Momentum.

Community Activities

HZNN Club hosts weekly activities for its community, including poker tournaments, Kahoot, NFT auctions, and other entertaining games. These activities are organized for the purpose of bringing people together and promoting a sense of belonging and connection within the community. They may include competitive events, educational games, auctions of unique digital and physical assets, and other forms of entertainment. These activities can serve a variety of purposes, including socializing, networking, learning new skills, and promoting community engagement.